Television is a bit like ice cream or chocolate, harmless in small doses.

However, long term watching can cause some pretty serious issues in regards to the wellbeing of your grandchildren.

Two years ago there were 115.6 million TVs in homes in the U.S. according to Nielsen’s. This figure may have increased as more than half of our homes have three or more.

Is television that bad for your grandchildren?
Turn the TV off

What affect does television have on children?

Diet and exercise

Children are sitting still much more than they used to and certainly more than what is good for them.

This increased sedentary life is making them fat, and teaching them poor lifestyle choices which they will carry into their adult life.

Add to the lure of commercials which promote high fat and high sugar foods, and our children are snacking on poor nutritional food.

These two factors combined are increasing childhood obesity at an alarming rate.


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 75% of television programs shown in primetime contain subject matter that exposure young minds to sex, unobtainable body image and inappropriate messages, which go against the values of our society.

Is television that bad for your grandchildren?
Is television that bad for your grandchildren?

Mood swings

Many children, and some adults, can become more aggressive after watching television and playing video games.

New technology in television manufacturing has increased the number of images being flashed into our eyes.

This has a detrimental effect on brainwaves, and a child’s ability to control their emotions.

Attention span

The person whose job it is to swap from one image to the next during the making of a television show is called a video switcher. It is their job to ensure that the thousands of images you see in an hour-long show move seamlessly from one to the other.

However, it is difficult for young brains to follow and leaves them with a heightened expectation of engagement.

The more television a child watches, the more likely they are to be bored quicker and be more restless.

Is television that bad for your grandchildren?
Television affects grandchildren badly.

What can grandparents do?

When the grandchild are visiting keep them busy with games, trips to the park, cooking and more.

If they want to watch television make sure it is on for the show only and no longer.

Read books instead, and spend time just hanging out together.

The less exposure children get to television the better. You’ll find their behavior improves, and you will all have a much nicer time together.

Is television that bad for your grandchildren?
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