Into Another Dimension by Kass Harker –

This first book in the upcoming series, follows the adventures of Edward, and his older sister Gemma.

Edward and Gemma are just everyday kids. This was until Edward’s tenth birthday—he receives a magical gift.

It turns out to be a  futuristic toy that is a sophisticated drone with super intelligence.

Soon Edward and Gemma are on an adventure that will change their lives forever.

Into Another Dimension by Kass Harker
Into Another Dimension by Kass Harker

With the help of Will, a futuristicator – super intelligent sophisticated drone, they enter the 12th dimension of Picturdurmia.

In Picturdurmia they are hosted by the people Called Sprocket people and inadvertently enter the battle for the dimension.

This book is classed as middle grade and would suit children aged 10 years and up.

It is also enjoyed by older kids and adults.

It is part of a series still to be published.

Into Another Dimension by Kass Harker
Kass Harker

About the Author

Kass Harker was the born in the 1950s when stories were told by the fireside.

Her passion for storytelling has remained strong all her adult life, and her inner child nurtured. With these two driving her she has enthralled audiences most of her life.

Find out more about Kass by checking out her website – Works for You

Into Another Dimension (Kindle Edition)

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Into Another Dimension by Kass Harker
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