You need to show your grandchildren the best way they can become a book lover by being one yourself.

Share your love of reading and your grandkids will soon learn to enjoy reading.

Here are some tips –

Leave books lying around your home

Leave books lying around which can be easily accessed and which demonstrate that you read in different parts of the house.

Some children grow up thinking that reading is only for bedtime.

Why not read after lunch or before dinner?

Set new rules and allow your grandchildren the freedom to enjoy reading at any time of the day.

If you want your grandchild to be a good reader, leave books for them to find!
Share books that are fun and interesting.

I don’t want my favorite book to get damaged!

This is a fair statement, so if you want to keep your Charlies Dickens collection in one piece or you don’t want the library books to be drawn in, use some prop or second hand books.

If you love books there are going to be some books which you won’t want young grandchildren from spoiling.

Purchase second hand books for this purpose and put away your treasured collection.

Books should be part of the furniture

No child has ever walked into the kitchen, pointed to the fridge and asked, “What’s that?”

It’s always been there and they have come to accept it as a normal, functioning part of their home.

The same should go for books!

Having books everywhere takes away any mystic about them. They become ordinary, normal things that are a part of everyday life.

Young toddlers who are familiar with playing with books will begin the process of reading quicker and easier than others who don’t.

Making books easy to access and familiar will go a long way towards developing a love of reading.

If you want your grandchild to be a good reader, leave books for them to find!
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