We all love to give gifts especially to our grandchildren.

Who doesn’t love the way their faces light up when they see you’ve brought them something special.

Well, playing Santa Claus every time you see your grandkids is not a good idea.

It may mean that your grandchildren only look forward to seeing you because you have something for them. Then the gift becomes more important than you.

There are other issues with giving gifts.

Gifts are traceable, grandparents!

Children tend to wave them in front of their siblings faces and under their parents’ noses as soon as they lay eyes on them.

Then you get that stare from the child’s parents, followed by that awkward silence. We’ve all been there.

So, here’s what to do –

How to spoil your grandchild and get away with it!
How to spoil your grandchild and get away with it!

Give yourself as the gift

Give your grandchild lots of attention; hug them and kiss them when things aren’t going well.

Spend time with him or her and show them that you care by listening and being attentive.

Read with them. Books are relatively cheap and I’m guessing you have a lot at home. Share a story and a great book with your grandchild, and create special memories they will never forget.

Don’t be one of those grandparents who always have a gift in their hand. Instead, spoil your grandchild with you and your time.

They will forget the gifts, but always remember how much fun you were and how you were there for them.

How to spoil your grandchild and get away with it!
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