If you think about this question in regards to your own grandparents the answer might be, “Not very well at all.”

I can certainly vouch for that. My grandparents were strange old creatures that I had very little to do with.

My parents had me late in life, and by the time I had grown into a child my grandparents had either passed away or were in nursing homes. This didn’t leave me with much to go on. The only things I knew about them was what I had been told by my parents.

Grandparents today want more

Today we grandparents want more. We want to have a meaningful relationship with our grandchildren.

Never before in the history of time have grandparents been so wealthy, healthy and wise.

We worked hard, saved and invested our income. We get a lot of exercise and have access to up to date nutritional advice. And, we have discovered the internet – in fact, I think its inventors are probably grandparents now too.

How to make sure your grandchildren know you better?
How to make sure your grandchildren know you better?

Share your stories today

Spending time with your grandchildren is the best way to build a relationship with them, and it will ensure that they really learn who you are.

You don’t want to be remembered for always being in the kitchen or the garden.

Your past is rich and interesting, and your grandchildren deserve to know how you influenced the world.

Your stories can be shared during a walk to the park or a game of kick to kick in the back yard.

They need not be too long – remember children’s attention spans are shrinking!

How to make sure your grandchildren know you better?
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