How to Introduce Your Cat to Your Grandkids

Many older people prefer to keep a cat over a dog.

Cats don’t need as much exercise as a dog, and they can be just as loving.

They can also be wonderful companions for many older people living on their own.

If your cat is not used to being around children here are some tips to help you when your grandchildren pop over to visit.


How to Introduce Your Cat to Your Grandkids
How to Introduce Your Cat to Your Grandkids

Give Kitty Some Space

Cats are more territorial than dogs, which might surprise you.

They don’t like unwanted guests just popping in and taking over.

Cats are also sensitive to noise and may be disturbed by there being more people in their home than normal.

Therefore it is important to give your cat space.

If your grandchildren are coming over, make sure that your cat has a safe and secure area to go to. This might be an outdoor pen or locked room.

Always give your cat water, food and its litter tray if you are going to shut it away.

Cats fret and suffer from anxiety, just like dogs (and us), so always ensure your cat is made as comfortable as possible.

How to Introduce Your Cat to Your Grandkids
Introducing Your Kitten to Your Grandchildren

Introducing Your Cat to Your Grandchildren

Younger children seem to be fascinated by cats.

They are attracted to all that soft fur, and who doesn’t love that wiggly tail?

Teach your grandchildren to pat your cat properly by demonstrating long, gentle strokes down your cat’s back.

Don’t allow your grandchildren to pick up or carry your cat around or pull at its fur.

Apart from accidently hurting the cat, your grandchildren may get clawed if kitty’s patience is reached.

You want your cat to give your cat the best life. After all, he or she gives you so much back in return for food and shelter.

So, take some time and plan how you want your grandchildren and your cat to get along.


How to Introduce Your Cat to Your Grandkids
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