Many children are being exposed to social media from a very young age. Even though most have an age limit of 13 years, banning participation for children under that age, it is not difficult for a bright child to work out how to get around those restrictions.

So, when is it a good time to discuss your grandchild’s participation in social media platforms?

If you are concerned, and your grandchild has a smartphone then the answer to that question is now.

Are all social media platforms good for your grandchild?

Before you begin the discussion with your grandchild so your research. Find out if there is any negative feedback associated with any of the social media platforms.

If you feel that some are not appropriate, talk to them about why.

If you avoid them, then their mystery and allure will increase and you may find your grandchild using them behind your back.

How to help your grandchild learn about the pitfalls of social media
How to help your grandchild learn about the pitfalls of social media

Discuss what social media platforms are available

Sit down at the computer and search through the social media platforms which are available.

If you use some show your grandchild your profile and what you use it for.

Talk to them about the advertisements which appear in the side columns. Educate them about how these are calculated according to what you post.

If you are not sure how they work create a few posts using a word. For example, if you put in the word pregnant once or twice, you may be surprised to see advertisements for baby formula or nappies appearing.

This might be more of a surprise if you are an elderly gent who loves golf J

What can grandparents do?

Monitor and discuss your grandchild’s behavior on social media.

Praise them for sharing positive comments and images, but talk to them about the dangers of posting information that will live forever.

Always act as a guide and mentor, and discuss what you are doing with your grandchild’s parents, and listen to their concerns.

Be the mentor your grandchildren need and make a positive influence in their lives.

How to help your grandchild learn about the pitfalls of social media
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