Sadly, being online is not a safe place for children. It is full of hackers and crazies wanting to cause havoc and harm to our grandchildren.

In 7 tips to keep your grandkids safe online we looked at many ways to keep your grandchildren safe while they are using computers.

Establishing rules is a great way to make sure your grandchild knows what is the right thing to do online.

How to set rules about being online

Like anything in life there are rules which guide and shape how we use or do something.

Using the internet should not be an exception. It is a right, not a privilege.

Sit down with your grandchild and explain to them that there are many dangers online, and that together you are going to set rules about what can and can’t be done.

If you work cooperatively with your grandchild you are going to find he or she will stick to the rules more often, and understand why they are important.

Talk about what sites are not appropriate for their age. Explain that there are sites for adults, and sites for children, and sites for both.

Don’t be afraid to tell them how upset and sad you would be if they visited inappropriate sites.

There are also forums linked to online games which you may not wish them to participate in because you can’t guarantee that everyone is who they say they are.

You may negotiate participation in these forums if you or another adult is present. That way you can vet the other players.

How to create rules when your grandchildren are online
Create rules when your grandchildren are online

What if the rules are broken?

Be firm and have realistic punishments if the rules are broken.

These might be having to wash the car or no playtime for an hour.

A friend’s granddaughter participated in an online game forum against her mother’s wishes. Her punishment was to sit and delete all the contacts, one by one, while the other children played outside. It worked a treat!

Make sure your grandchild knows what they are before they go online.

Stick to them and stand your ground. Remember that you are teaching them how to keep themselves safe, and this is a lesson that will stay with them for life.

How to create rules when your grandchildren are online
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