Most bullying occurs around your grandchild’s school. It might happen on the way to school, during break time or after school.

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Encourage your grandchildren to make friends in other places

When a child is bullied they seem to think that all children will turn against them.

It is difficult for a child to see that the bullying they are receiving has as much to do with the bully than them.

To help them put bullying into perspective encourage them to go to places where they can make new friends.

Sports, hobbies and social clubs

There are plenty of places where your grandchild can to where they will be accepted.

One of the advantages of a joint activity is building collaborative skills where children learn to communicate with each other to get a task done.

This might be putting up a tent or scoring the winning points or creating a community mural.

Your grandchild will learn to enjoy themselves away from school, and will make new friends.

These new relationships will help increase your grandchild’s confidence, which will empower them to stand up to bullies elsewhere. They will help protect your child’s self-esteem, and allow them to see the bullying in a new light.

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Making new friends is a great way to combat the affects of bullying

For more great tips visit Stop Bullying or talk to your grandchild’s teacher for more information about what their school is doing to combat bullying.

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How to beat bullying – Help your grandchild make friends outside of school
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