Being caring is more complex than many of us realize. It isn’t just another word for being kind.

Caring is an important value for our children to learn or develop more. It can be easier to care for things we like, but more difficult when we have to care for things and people we don’t really care for.

What does caring look like?

When a child is caring he or she thinks about what other people are feeling in all manner of situations.

Caring children will notice when someone has had their feelings hurt at school even if they weren’t involved.

Caring children often reflect on the consequences of their actions regardless of how small. This is a big step for many children, and does depend upon a child’s age. As children move out of the toddler age group they are able to take better notice of how others are feeling.

How important is it to teach our grandchildren the virtue of caring?
Teach our grandchildren the virtue of caring

What benefits are there for being caring?

Caring children appreciate their friends and their family. They see life as more meaningful and positive.

They don’t worry if someone was rude to them, but will show compassion for those who others might have been rude to.

Caring children have manners, and while it may seem like an uphill battle teaching them, you will find it well worth the trouble in the end.

How important is it to teach our grandchildren the virtue of caring?
Caring is important for your grandchildren.

How can you teach your grandchild to be caring?

Help your grandchildren develop positive relationships with other people who are caring.

Teach them that they need to care for those who might not seem to be nice. They should consider caring for creatures which most people might consider not to be pleasant like spiders and bugs. This doesn’t mean they have to pick them up and handle them, but they should take care to leave them alone.

Caring children write ‘thank you’ notes and become excited about buying or making gifts for others.

Encourage your grandchildren to practice their manners, and to be less selfish every day.

How important is it to teach your grandchildren the virtue of caring?
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