Encouraging your grandchild to do well at school is an important role many grandparents want to participate in, but with changing teaching styles are often not sure where to start.

Research and new pedagogy developments have led to many changes in the classroom since we were at school.

Many of these changes are for the better, and have seen many children learning in ways that would have been unheard of many years ago.

No two students learn the same way

The truth is all children learn differently. At a basic level children can be either left or right brain dominant. Then their brains are more attuned to taking in and retaining information either through visual, auditory, aural or kinaesthetically.

Then when we consider that an individual child’s learning can be a blend of right / left brain and the learning styles mentioned above, and can be affected by emotional and musical intelligence as well, you can see how one poor teacher in front of twenty or more students might have difficulty reaching all of them at one.

How does the way your grandchild learn affect the way they are taught?
The way child learn affects the way they are taught

What is the best approach taken by teachers?

Teachers prepare lessons accordingly with different approaches to the same subjects. This way all the students in the class will be able to understand and retain the information presented to them.

There are many different styles or methods which individual teachers may take.

Teachers may choose to have teacher-centered lessons, direct teaching sessions, student centered approaches, and inquiry led lessons.

The teaching style can depend upon what is actually being taught, too.

For more information see Udemy Teaching Styles

Learning about these different styles will enable you to understand what’s happening in the classroom, and offer guidance and support to your grandchild.

How does the way your grandchild learn affect the way they are taught?
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