We are all so busy today, grandparents included. Families seem to have less and less time to sit down and relax together. They are all so busy working, and keeping up with lifestyle choices. When they do have quiet time, everyone seems to be constantly checking their phone.

But, what are the effects of this busy lifestyle on your grandchildren?

Children are mirroring the lives of adults’

The American Psychological Association over 4 years ago found in a study on teenagers and stress that teens were mirroring or copying the stressful habits of their parents.

These patterns brought on by busy lifestyle choices are impacting on teenagers in a negative way, not surprisingly.

While many adults have ways of dealing with stress, their children don’t. And, this is of great concern.

The stress they experience is affecting habits and coping mechanisms which may be carried forward into adult lives.

The report stated that 36% of teens reported feelings of fatigue and tiredness. While 35% reported lying awake at night unable to go to sleep. Thirty-two percent reported having regular headaches, and 23% reported skipping a meal.

How does stress affect your teenage grandchildren?
How does stress affect your teenage grandchildren?

Are teenagers managing their stress?

Not many teens are managing their stress well enough.

The American Psychological Association report went on to state 42% of teens said they often don’t know what to do to manage their stress or they aren’t sure if they are doing enough to manage it.

More than 1 in 10 never set aside time to manage stress, even though 51% reported that while stress management is important to them.

Over half of the teenagers studied claim that only set aside time for well-being exercises which will reduce stress a few times a month.

How does stress affect your teenage grandchildren?
How does stress affect your teenage grandchildren?

What are teens doing about their stress?

Twenty-eight percent of teens play sport only, and another 37% exercise or walk to manage stress.

Sadly, many attempt to manage their stress by tuning out by playing video games or watching television.

In fact, 46% reported playing video games, 43% go online, and 36% watched TV or movies to cope with stress.

While these options can create a useful diversion from the stresses in their lives, they don’t provide long term relief.

Have you noticed the teens in your family coping less and less over the years?

What strategies do they use?

How does stress affect your teenage grandchildren?
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