Many young writers become confused when creating paragraphs.

They are often not clear when to start one and with what words.

Written English has a definite structure that helps the writer get your meaning across.

As children develop and grow they will be expected to produce more complex written pieces.

To do this well, it is really important that you understand how to relate your ideas using paragraphs.

What are paragraphs?

Paragraphs can vary in length from 1 to a few many sentences.

There is not hard or fast rule about how many sentences a paragraph should contain.

A good rule to share with your grandchildren is to keep them to three to four sentences.

This will help contain ideas and make the whole piece easier to read.

If sentences are too long a reader may become lost and lose interest.

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How do paragraphs impact writing style?

How are paragraphs constructed?

The traditional structure of a paragraph involves an opening sentence. This sentence introduces what the paragraph is about.

The sentences that follow back up or further explain what you are trying to convey. This rule applies for both fiction and non-fiction.

By following this simple rule you will be able to use paragraphs to make your writing have a greater impact.

What’s in a paragraph?

Every paragraph should have a topic sentence. This is idea you want to get across.

Normally, it might be the first sentence but this might not be the case in fiction writing. This sentence should say exactly what you are trying to convey as clearly as possible.

There are different types of paragraphs that serve different purposes which we will discuss later on. In the meantime, become more aware of how you are crafting paragraphs and your writing will be clearer and more enjoyable to read.

How do paragraphs impact writing style?
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