Remember your favorite poems?

Many people never forget them. I can remember my mother always breaking out in poems.

She would sing, “The other day upon the stairs, I saw a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. Oh, how I wish that man would go away!”

We lived in an old double-storey house and I will never forget how scared I was on the stairs each time she recited that poem!

How can you use poetry to help your grandchild improve their intelligence?
Poetry to help your grandchild.

Is there a place for poetry today?

Learning to speak poetry and learning to write it offers our grandchildren great skills that they can’t get anywhere else.

There is something special about reading a poem out loud. It gives it more meaning and it’s certainly more fun.

There is a rhythm that children love too. These things combined help them retain information easier and it stays with them for a much longer period of time.

As well, poems help build a greater understanding about the way words sound and are pronounced. By discovering words that sound similar and therefore rhyme, children will be able to build their vocabulary and word list much quicker. This is called Phonemic Awareness.

Older children will also be able to recognise spelling patterns in words.

If a child knows and understands the word ‘boat’, they will also be able to work out what ‘float’, ‘oats’ and ‘coat’ mean, for example.

Start with simple rhymes

Having the skills to understand simple rhyming words will be an advantage when it comes to learning more complicated words later on.

One of the best examples in English literature is Dr Seuss’s Cat in the Hat book.

Children should learn to write poetry too. It will increase their vocabulary because unlike storytelling, poetry forces the writer to find words that rhyme and make sense.

It is not an easy skill, but once practised will assist a student’s capacity to learn at a deeper level

Learning to write poetry is fun and will keep children engaged and excited about writing throughout their school years, and its loads of fun too!

How can you use poetry to help your grandchild improve their intelligence?
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