Being self-aware is a strong indication that a child has a high emotional intelligence.

Children who are emotionally intelligent have a high regard for others. They genuinely care for the well-being of all people, including strangers.

What has self-awareness got to do with emotional intelligence?

A child who is self-aware knows his or her strengths, as well as, their weaknesses.

They understand that they are good at some things and not others.

They will acknowledge that they are patient with their siblings or younger cousins, but need to improve in other areas, such as studying harder or playing more sport.

Children who are self-aware are honest about who they are. They accept that there will always be areas where they need to improve.

How can we raise self-aware grandchildren?
How can we raise self-aware grandchildren?

How can you encourage greater self-awareness in your grandchildren?

When a child knows they are good at something it gives them confidence in their own ability.

They know they are capable of doing some things well.

You can help them by identifying these things and helping them to practice more. We all know that having a strong work ethic combined with talent is an important factor in success.

Talk to your grandchild about the other areas where they need to improve.

Offer him or her practical suggestions which they can implement on their own and improve. Help them to realize that improvement takes time and commitment, and doesn’t happen overnight.

Raising an emotional intelligent child is a long term goal. However, the end result will be a child who is confident, calm and successful in many other fields.

How can we raise self-aware grandchildren?
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