Creativity happens everywhere, not just in the art room. We often think of creative people drawing, painting or sculpturing.

However, creativity can utilize across a wide array of subjects, and in every aspect of life.

Being creative is training your brain to think in a different way; outside the box. If we can encourage our grandchildren to be more creative they will look at problems differently.

No matter how old you are there are always problems or issues that need resolving. It might be at school, in the garden or at home. It might be fixing something that is broken; adapting something that doesn’t seem to work or; dealing with people.

When we encourage our grandchildren to be creative we are helping them solve a problem in a new way.

How can creativity benefit your grandchildren in the future?
How can creativity benefit your grandchildren in the future?

 Tanner Christensen from Creative Something tells us:

“Being creative means taking risks and ignoring doubt and facing fears. It means breaking with routine and doing something different for the sake of doing something different. It means mapping out a thousand different routes to reach one destination.

It means challenging yourself every day. Being creative means searching for inspiration in even the most mundane places. It means you’re asking stupid questions. It means creating without critiquing. Being creative means you know how to find the similarities and differences between two completely random ideas.”

How can creativity benefit your grandchildren in the future?
Problem solving can happen anywhere!

I love the concept that creativity involves asking stupid questions, but it makes sense. We often need to move past the obvious (or stupid) to find the gems of wisdom.

Can you imagine how much easier life is for creative people? By being creative your grandchildren may find a new way to complete their school work. This can only help to improve your marks and help you gain valuable training for your future careers.

It will also mean they won’t become as anxious and stressed when issues arise. They’ll have the skills to work out an answer to their problems, and look towards a brighter future.

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How can creativity benefit your grandchildren in the future?
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