We all know how important it is to eat healthy, no matter what age we are.

Whether it’s fruit, vegetables, cheese, milk or meats – our grandchildren need to eat a balanced diet so their bodies grow.

Did you know that eating well can help their mental health too?

Research is showing that eating lots of fresh food and drinking lots of water helps keep young minds (and, probably older ones too) healthy and more resilient.

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Eating healthy can lift a child’s mood

Why is it important for our grandchildren to be resilient?

Resilience is the key to being able to bounce back from disappointments and negative events.

All children experience bad things.

It might be something as simple as dropping an ice cream cone or as complex as losing a loved one.

Being resilient means that the child will understand that feeling bad is okay, and that it will go away over time.

With a healthy diet, a child’s resilience will grow more stronger.

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Helping parents develop a healthy diet?


If you are concerned about your grandchild’s diet sit down and discuss it with their parents.

Offer to help and support their ideas, and share what knowledge you have.

Eating healthy is simple in some ways, but difficult in others.

It’s important to remember that the amount of fresh and healthy foods they eat can also contribute to their moods.

Being sad and anxious can lead to depression, but this can be avoided by teaching children to use food to help them fight off negative feelings and stay focused on positive things.

Help your grandkids eat healthy and maintain their mental health
Help your grandkids eat healthy and maintain their mental health

What can you do?

Being a positive role model should be number 1 on your list.

If you eat well and exercise regularly your grandchildren will want to join you.

Also, make sure there is fresh water handy at all times, too.

That way children will learn to snack on the right kind of foods that help release hormones which improve feelings of joy and happiness.

Limit or ban junk food altogether. Too much sugar, salt and fats will make your children feel unhealthy and sad. As they get older, this may increase feelings of depression.

Susan Day has created a book for children that encourages them to take simple steps to improve their mood.

It’s called Astro is Down in the Dumps.

It is easy to read and has full color images which assist the text and support the important message.

For more information about this great book click – Astro is Down in the Dumps

Astro is Down in the Dumps
How can children lift their own mood?

You may also be interested in – What are the effects of healthy eating on learning for more ideas.

Help your grandkids eat healthy to maintain their mental health
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