A little girl stood in at the front of the gathering.

The small room was crowded with over 50 people.

As she took a deep breath, the crowd held theirs and waited.

“I remember my grandfather very well,” she began.

“Our family had gone to the beach for a day out. I can’t remember exactly when it was, but I remember how hot it was and how Grandad wore socks.”

The room chuckled.

We went for a walk

“We went for a walk and Grandad picked up a stick and wrote, ‘Carrie is a Plonka!’ in the sand.”

The room laughed.

“Well, I couldn’t be outdone so I took the stick off him and wrote, ‘Grandad is a Plonka!’ We laughed and continued to walk along the beach.

When we returned, someone had written under our messages, ‘What’s a Plonka?!’”

The room laughed out loud.

Heartfelt memory that is worth sharing
They never forget the memories you create together.

Carrie finished her story, “I will never forget that day or the other memories I have of my Grandad. He was the best, funniest person in the world.”

She folded up her notes and stepped down.

As she went back to her seat she stopped briefly, and blew a kiss at her Grandad’s casket.

At her Grandad’s passing, Carrie recalled a short and funny story. In that moment she united all those who had gathered to pay their respect and demonstrated the strong bond she had made with him.

It was touching and beautiful, and a memory that no one there will forget.

What’s a Plonka?

A plonka is a kind term for someone who is a bit silly. A plonka is often used to playfully call someone an idiot. It’s a bit like calling someone a ‘duffer’ or a ‘goose’. It was Carrie’s Grandad’s favorite term of endearment.


Heartfelt memory that was worth sharing
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