Many children are reluctant to pick up a pencil and write.

The act of writing is extremely difficult for many children to learn as it requires different parts of the brain to work in unison.

Those of us who can write well may not be aware of the difficulties others face.

If your grandchild is having difficulties learning to write or seems reluctant it isn’t necessarily a sign he or she has learning difficulties. Many gifted children who have above average IQs have issues too.

Write with flour!

Rather than forcing a child to write with pencil and paper, make the whole process more fun and tactile.

Sprinkle some flour on the kitchen bench and take it in turns to write simple words.

Keeping the words simple, takes away any pressure associated with misspelling words.

Have fun and help your grandchild to learn to write with this fun game
Get those fingers writing!

Write it with paint bubbles or chalk!

Use food coloring or water-based paint to write on the side of the bathtub with fingers or toes!

Writing with chalk on sidewalk has always been a popular activity for children. It’s also a great way to practice their handwriting.

What words should you use?

This ultimately depends upon the spelling level of your grandchild.

Keep in mind the aim of these activities is to learn to write and enjoy creating words. They are not designed as spelling tests.

With that in mind, I would suggest keeping the words simple, and easy to write.

You could look at words with letters which loop for fun – like ‘double e’ words and words which start with ‘y’.

Creating memories around literacy-based games is a great way to further strengthen the bond you have with your grandchildren, and help them become more confident at school.

Have fun and help your grandchild to learn to write with this fun game
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