New research is showing that television is having an adverse effect on the development of our grandchildren.

But, you probably knew that already, right?

Well, now research is backing you up.

In Teresa Belton’s report published on Greater Good in Action, she gives some startling figures about how television decreases a child’s imagination.

What is science saying?

Watching television even for just a couple of hours a day significantly impacts a child’s imagination.

They simply can’t think freely for themselves.

As a teacher and author I see many children offering stories that they have written which are just re-writes of stories they have seen on television.

It is as if the part of their brain responsible for being creative has just switched off.

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Grandparents, don’t be frightened to turn off the television

What does this mean for our grandchildren?

Not being able to invent stories or games leads to many larger issues later in life.

Children need problem solving skills that can only be developed when they are trying to construct a game, for example.

Without this skill they won’t be able to work with initiative and creativity at school, and later at work.

They will also have poorer socializing skills.

When playing with others, a child learns to compromise, share and take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Don’t be afraid to turn the television off or limit the times when it’s on when your grandchildren are visiting next time.

When they have finished watching a program turn it off.

Allow for a little bit of quiet time and time to get bored – you’ll find it will benefit them in the long run.

Grandparents, don’t be frightened to turn off the television
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