Grandparents: Do You Want to Live Forever?

Everyone on the planet is getting older, and aging is just a matter of course.

We all know that there is little that can be done, which is sad because old age usually means a lack of movement, failing parts, and wobbly bits that weren’t wobbly to begin with.

Many of us don’t want to lose our freedom, and perhaps more importantly, we want to be around to spend as much time as possible with our grandchildren.

Grandparents: Do You Want to Live Forever?
Grandparents: Do You Want to Live Forever?

Does ‘Older’ mean ‘Old Age’?

Does getting older mean we have to age badly?

Are there things we can do to slow the aging process, and live much more active and enriched lives?

Well, research is certainly pointing to a few things we should be doing, and while genetics and lifestyle do make a difference, these are things most of us can and should do.

Develop Resilience

In a recent television program called You Can’t Ask That on Australia’s ABC, a group of centenarians were interviewed about their lives.

Of course, they were asked what helped them live so long and what secrets did they have to share.

Most couldn’t give a clear answer, but one thing that kept cropping up was their ability to demonstrate resilience when times were tough.

Building resilience is a matter of facing negative events with a positive attitude and being able to bounce-back from them.

Interestingly, research is showing that developing resilience is a key to longer life.

Grandparents: Do You Want to Live Forever?
Do You Want to Live Forever?

Knowledge is Power

When it comes to health care, knowledge is certainly power.

Grandparents have access to so much information about healthcare there is no need to go into a doctor’s office unarmed.

We have a right to know what medications are doing to us, and we have a right to understand their long term effects.

Many grandparents are interested in alternative therapies and learning how the body can heal itself.

It makes sense, if we want to live forever we should avoid taking unnecessary medications, and learn how to remove stresses which lead to disease and illness in the first place.

Grandparents: Do You Want to Live Forever?
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