This week’s Children’s Author Spotlight has fallen on Darryl Goode, and his wonderful book, Grandpa and the Rainbow Fish.

This charming book is full of magic and adventure.

Best of all, it teaches children what they can learn from their grandparents, in particular, their grandpa.

More about the story

A boy and his grandpa set out on an epic adventure to capture a mythical fish (a/k/a the Rainbow Fish) which grants the captor three wishes. Throughout the quest, everyone involved learns valuable lessons from grandpa, which include trust, commitment, and love to overcome stereotypes, labeling, mistrust, and division. The story teaches how to establish friendships, trust others, walk in unity, believe in your dreams, stay humble, and embrace others despite their differences. It also touches on forgiveness, self-worth, the importance of generational bonding, religious values, patience, perseverance and spending quality time with children, grandchildren, and family.

Grandpa and the Rainbow Fish by Darryl Goode
Darryl Goode and his great book.

Meet the Author

Darryl Goode, a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, is an author of a newly published children’s book created to compel all readers to mend their relationships, find their self-worth, and value others, no matter their age and abilities. As a former correctional officer, psychiatric aide, telemarketer, salesperson, and children’s church teacher, he’s spent countless hours with many people from all walks of life who needed affirmation, encouragement, and a listening ear.

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Grandpa and the Rainbow Fish by Darryl Goode
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