Today’s children’s author is the very talented, Wanda Lutham. Wanda creates beautiful books which are well crafted, and would make wonderful gifts.

Today she is sharing her latest book, Gloria the Unicorn with us. It touches on the importance of friends and looks at how bullying can affect a child’s life.

Gloria and the Unicorn by Wanda Luthman
Gloria and the Unicorn by Wanda Luthman

Gloria the Unicorn

The story of Gloria and the Unicorn is about adoption, dealing with a physical deformity, and overcoming fear with love. Gloria’s Mom dies giving birth to Gloria and then her Dad gives her up for adoption to a loving owner of a children’s home, Miss Libby. She has a droopy face because of her difficult birth and then she overhears a terrible secret that she doesn’t want anyone to know. She is plagued with guilt, embarrassed by her appearance, and has no friends at the home.

Miss Libby keeps Gloria out of school to protect her from bullies. But, Gloria wants to learn to read more than anything in the world. She is full of despair and feels she has no one to turn to until a magical unicorn named Sir Louie befriends her. He teaches her how to read and she feels ready to go to school. Even though Miss Libby has her misgivings, she supports Gloria in her plan. But, it doesn’t go well. In addition, Gloria has become magical when she wears her special robe. This brings her and Sir Louie unwanted attention from the evil Wizards who want to kill Gloria and imprison Sir Louie forever.

Can he help her break the spell of her secret and learn to love and accept herself? And when Sir Louie suddenly disappears, will Gloria realize he now needs her to rescue him? Come along on this journey of unraveling secrets, facing one’s fears and embracing families created by choice.

What to read more about Wanda’s books? Visit her website – Wanda Luthman’s Children’s Books


Gloria and the Unicorn (The Unicorn Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

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Gloria and the Unicorn by Wanda Luthman
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