Games are fun.

There are so many things a child learns while he or she are playing games that are important to their future success as adults.

Things like how to lose gracefully and what it means to play fairly.

In games, everyone begins equal. Sure, some children lose but not all the time. Playing simple games are a great lesson for life.

The games chosen here have been specially created to further enhance your child’s vocabulary. They are designed for a wide range of ages too and for children learning English as a second language.

With a bit of imagination any child, or adult for that matter, can play these games.

One of the goals of Astro’s Adventures Book Club is to offer you games which you can easily play with your grandchildren.

You don’t need expensive or hard to find equipment. You will more than likely have the things you need at home now.

As well, these games will help increase your child’s vocabulary, and extend to developing a love of language.

Words are simply sounds on their own. When we add them to other words we begin to add more meaning to them. This will help your child build a network of words and further enhance their language abilities.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
Games to share with your grandkids


You will need:

A large sheet of paper

Images of furniture and appliances cut out from advertising material

Crayons or felt tip pens

Here’s what to do:

On the paper draw a plan of your house. Make it as big as you can.

Label each room ‘kitchen’, ‘bedroom’, ‘bathroom’ etc.

With your grandchild’s help begin to list all the things you might find in each room. For example, write shower in the bathroom or toaster in the kitchen.

Try to find 5 things for each room.

Cut out images from junk mail or newspapers of each item.

Taking the images you have collected ask your child to place them in the correct room. So, the image of the bed goes in the bedroom, for example.

Astro's Adventures Book Club

Extend this game for more fun:

Now, for some fun mix things up a bit.

Collect up the pictures and put a few of them in the wrong room.

Ask your grandchild, “Does the bed go in the bathroom?”


“Where does it go?”

As your to put them in the right room.

You could also explore some fun ideas too like:

“What would it be like to have your bed in the bathroom?”

“Why don’t we keep a toaster in our bedrooms?”

“What’s wrong with having a bath in the TV room?”

Games to share with your grandkids
Games to share with your grandkids

The goal:

The goal of this game is to build your grandchild’s vocabulary with words from your home.

For older children, ask them to do the writing on the large sheet of paper.

Choose ten of the pictures and ask them to put each one in a sentence.

Create a Word Collection Chart for each room so your grandchild can refer to it when creating stories or doing their homework.

Games to share with your grandkids
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