Being able to help your grandchild learn to read is a richly rewarding experience.

As you will be aware literacy skills are declining amongst children. They are no longer picking up books for enjoyment. Instead, our grandchildren are turning to video games, social media, and of course, the television.

But there are things, as grandparents, we can do.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective.

Language games that are easy

Language games are fun and provide grandparents with a unique opportunity to bond to their grandchildren.

There are so many things a child learns while he or she are playing games that are important to their future success as adults.

They learn the meaning of giving one’s best, losing gracefully, and winning well.

Games that can help your grandchild learn to read
Games can help your grandchild learn to read

Find the words on the page

This game will help your grandchild identify certain words on the page. You will need to modify it depending upon your grandchild’s literacy development.

For those children who struggle to read a page of words can be quite daunting so you may want to start with half or quarter of a page.

How to play

Choose a book or a magazine that has text which is right for your grandchild’s reading level.

Scan over it and select five words. You might find large words which have unusual spelling patterns or simple words the child knows.

Write words on a piece of paper and ask your child to find them. Give them visual clues like, “What letter does the word begin with?” “Do you recognize any spelling patterns?”

If you are not sure which words to use look at the list available for your grandchild’s reading level.

For older children just say the word, don’t show them the written word. This is a much more complex task that requires much greater processing. You may want to work towards this over time.

Games that can help your grandchild learn to read
Language is fun

Rewards and the winner’s prize

You could provide a reward as an incentive for each word your grandchild finds. Such as a gold star placed on a graph. The graph could show how often your grandchild found a word. Once each word has a number of stars it could lead to a greater reward like going to the park for ice cream or a trip to the cinema.

The reward should be easy to achieve, and not be too taxing on you or your budget.

If you have a child a list of options, they will more than likely choose a reward they like. This saves a lot of arguments if a child wants something extravagant or expensive.

Games that can help your grandchild learn to read
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