We all know that food is the one thing that brings people together. I guess, that’s why it is such a big part of every holiday, Holy Day, and cultural event we celebrate.

Here at Astro’s Adventures Book Club we love books and reading first, and eating second! With that thought in mind, and our tummies grumbling we would like to bring you recipes we love to share with our grandkids.

They are easy, a toddler would enjoy making them.

As well, these recipes have been specially chosen for that ‘WOW’ factor. They look great and they taste delicious.

Best of all, they are also very healthy! But, that can be our little secret.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
Delicious snacks that grandchildren will love

Before your grandkids get into the kitchen

Before you get started draw up a set of safety rules with your grandchild.

The amount of things they can do will depend upon their age and experience.

However, they do have to begin somewhere and with your patience and guidance there is no reason why he or she couldn’t become proficient in the kitchen.

Make sure everyone participating in creating these fun recipes agrees to the safety rules!

Make sure you have everything set up before you begin.

Remember not to leave your grandchild alone with the stove or kettle on.

Always have fun and set out to create meaningful, long lasting memories.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
Fun food to share in the kitchen with your grandkids

Apple Slice Donuts!

You will need:


Cream Cheese

Food coloring (optional)

Hundreds & thousands sprinkles

Here’s what to do:

Core and slice the apples

Color the cream cheese & spread over apple slices

Add sprinkles!


This recipe came from Hello Wonderful! Check out their other great tips and ideas.

Fun food to share in the kitchen with your grandkids
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