Free Writing Activities that are Fun and Educational

Writing with Astro activity sheets teach children how to write expository, narrative and persuasive pieces.

They are fun and there are links which take you to easy to understand explanations.

These sheets are aimed at middle to upper primary aged students, but they can be adapted for older children too.

Free Education Resources to Share with Your Grandchildren
Writing with Astro

Why is Learning to Write Important?

Writing is an important tool for self-expression.

In particular, research tells us that keeping a journal helps to relieve stress and avoid depression because the simple act of writing relieves a lot of tension and worry.

Not all grandchildren are going to grow up to be authors or practice writing that often, however, being able to get your point across in a way that they are understood is very important.

Being able to clearly explain one’s needs is essential if we want to make a complaint or have our voice heard in an email to an editor or a letter to an elected representative.

While we live in an ever-increasing techno driven world, the need to be able to write is a skill every child needs to learn.

Look at blogging, for example, the article you are reading now is just one of billions available online. All of these posts have been written to convey important information.

Free Writing Activities that are Fun and Educational
Free Writing Activities that are Fun and Educational

Help Your Grandchildren Learn to Write Well

Whenever can encourage your grandchildren to write.

While younger children love to create stories, and express their ideas in the narrative form, there are many others who enjoy writing about facts and sharing their knowledge.

Other still, will enjoy getting their ideas and opinions across.

Writing with Astro provides valuable sheets which can be download by simply right-clicking the sheet you want and saving it on your computer.

It’s that simple.

Then all you have to do is share the activities with your grandchildren.


Free Writing Activities that are Fun and Educational
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