Astro’s Adventures is a great website set up to help children develop sound literacy skills.

Astro’s Adventures books are middle-grade chapter books that were created to encourage children to become responsible pet owners and develop a love of reading.

There are a lot of free writing and creative activities too.

Free activities to download

Astro’s Adventures is so easy to navigate.

Once you hit the home page you’ll see a series of buttons or images.

From there you can select what you would like to see.

There are pages on Astro’s books, his blog and much more.

If you click on “Free Stuff” you’ll be taken to another page that has so many free things to download.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
Free learning activities available for your grandchild

Downloading free writing activities

Many of the activities are presented as PDFs or images.

There is information at the top of each page detailing how to download each activity.

If your grandchild would like to write more try the Story Starter Cards.

If you would like to develop his or her vocabulary, try the Chat About Cards.

Older children might enjoy the Writing with Astro page.

There’s something for every child to enjoy anywhere

All the activities can be downloaded onto your phone or tablet.

This means you can share them with your grandchild while you are travelling or waiting somewhere.

Even if you only do one activity a month it will make a difference in the life of your grandchild.

You will also be developing a stronger bond with each other, and that will last a lifetime.

Check out the free activities at Astro’s Adventures

Free learning activities available for your grandchild
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