Fluffy the Bird by Ronald Destra

Today’s Children’s Author Guest is the very talented Ronal Destra.

Ronald is sharing his book Fluffy the Bird.

Fluffy the Bird sang the most beautiful music, everyone who had the pleasure of hearing him was delighted. He truly had a gift!

Fluffy the Bird by Ronald Destra

Was this what Fluffy was meant to do? Did he have a purpose? Was his voice a way to make the world a brighter place?

With a bright future and so much potential ahead of them, encouraging children to uncover their natural talents and skills is vital in their development.

Take a journey with Fluffy as he discovers his purpose in life — discovering his talent, and opening up a world of possibilities for children.

About the Author

Fluffy the Bird by Ronald Destra
Ronald Destra

Ronald Destra is a Floridian author, illustrator, publisher, and entrepreneur. Each of his books has a unique storyline that appeals to young ones, while teaching them about heavy subjects.

His books include:

Best Friends, Santa’s Little Helper, The Birthday Party, Hoppy the Frog, Tommy the Giraffe, The Little Hero, Fluffy the Bird, The Tattoo, Scrappy the Dog and many more.

Ronald Destra is the co-founder of Destra World Books Publishing.

His passion is to help younger children learn that they do have a purpose in life and to never give up.

You can find Ronald Destra on his website by clicking here

And his books can also be found at Destra World Books Publishing


Fluffy the Bird (Kindle Edition)

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Fluffy the Bird by Ronald Destra
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