Flame and Hope: An African Adventure
Flame and Hope: An African Adventure

Flame and Hope: An African Adventure

Today we are so lucky to have the opportunity to showcase our resident author, Maretha Botha.

Maretha has dropped by to talk to us about one her fantastic African adventure books, Flame and Hope.

Take it away, Maretha…

A September 2013 GOLD MEDAL WINNER on Authonomy, a writers’ website supported by HarperCollins, “Flame and Hope: An African Adventure – Fauna Park Tales” Book one has “a vivid and engaging world of animal characters . . . very creative, cleverly animalised verbs, for example, Dolly Cat’s ‘whispurr’.

The exploration of interrelationships between animals is a very successful topic in the children’s literature genre, and you have created some great personalities; the stubborn goat ‘Plump-Grump’ and the conceited ‘His Handsomeness, King Rat’ being some of my favourites . . .” per HarperCollins’ Children’s Editor.

The Martial Eagles are Nesting! by Maretha Botha
The Martial Eagle

This is the story of a pup who is born in the desert, adopted as a working dog on a free-range cattle farm, and who sticks to a promise to protect and care for helpless bush creatures. Known as Flame, he befriends many loyal furry and feathered ones who support his quest in Fauna Park “their secret sanc’tree”, situated within the boundaries of the farm.

One of his feathered friends, an elusive bird with unusual pink eyelids, whistles many stories about Tall Leader and his gang of villainous poachers, ups and downs of life in the bush, hilarious confusions and Flame’s clever plans to banish foes to the Llokodi Hills.

By means of stand-alone stories, the plot is gradually revealed throughout this book and the rest of the series; perfect to be read before bedtime to younger children. Preteens will enjoy escaping into an imaginary world where bush creatures have hope that everything ends well at sunset.

Stories from South Africa by Maretha Botha
Maretha Botha

About the Author

Author/Illustrator Maretha Botha admits to being addicted to espresso and chocolate, and hiking occasionally on the moors, as well as being a seasonal gardener. In addition, she has written a series of children’s books – Fauna Park Tales. Books 1-3 are available in Kindle as well as black and white paperbacks. To enhance reading pleasure for better readers in her target market, 9-13, she has added some illustrations.

Additionally, she has combined books one and two in a 174-page Colour illustrated Version, should you want to see colour illustrations on the printed page as well.

Flame and Hope: An African Adventure Fauna Park Tales (Kindle Edition)

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Flame and Hope: An African Adventure by Maretha Botha
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