Why should I subscribe?

The joys of snuggling up with a good book and your grandchild remains an irreplaceable activity. Reading regularly with a child is a nurturing activity that can bring you and your grandchild closer together.


Subscribe today and we will make sure you receive a new book from the Astro’s Adventures series each month for 12 months. Furthermore, there are no strings attached and you may cancel at any time.


What will my grandchild receive each month?

Your grandchild will receive one of the fun books from the Astro’s Adventures series sent either directly to them or to you.


How much is the monthly subscription fee?

A subscription to the Little Fun Club costs $25 per month if you choose to pay monthly.

However, if you choose to prepay for 12 months the monthly fee will be $20.85 – you get 2 months worth of books FREE!

These prices include shipping and are guaranteed for 12 months once your subscription has started.


How is the billing done?

Your credit card will be charged automatically on the day you subscribe and on the same day each subsequent month using our secure PayPal services.


When is the package shipped?

The first package ships within three business days after subscription. The subsequent packages are shipped on or around the same day each month.


Who pays for the shipping?

Astro’s Adventures Book Club will cover shipping expenses.


How are the books selected?

Each book is sent out in the order of publication. The Great Escape is the first title in the series and that will be the first book your grandchild will receive. Each month they will be sent the next book in the series. For a full list of books see Astro’s Adventures.


What should be the age of my child for me to subscribe to your service?

Astro’s Adventures Book Club has been designed for children ages 8 to 12. The Astro’s Adventures Books were created by author Susan Day. Susan is also a teacher and dog lover. These books are early chapter books which encourage a love of reading and also responsible pet ownership.


Shall I purchase a subscription if my child is younger?

Astro’s Adventures Books are popular with children of all ages and adults too. You may wish to purchase the books for younger children and read to them. What a wonderful way to spend time together. Reading out loud gives you the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your grandchild. And if you hold her or him warm and snug in your lap while the two of you share a book, she or he may just associate happy feelings with reading for the rest of their life.


Are these new or used books?

All Astro’s Adventures Books are new and sent from a state-of-the-art publishing firm.


Can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time by sending us an email.


Can I put my subscription on hold?

We would be glad to put a hold on your account for up to three months, during this time your credit card on file will not be charged. Simply let us know in writing via email.


Can I edit the shipping or billing addresses or the credit card on file?

If you need to change any details please send us an email and we will notify you when those changes have been made.


Is it possible to subscribe for two children who live at different addresses?

If you want to have more than one child please let us know via email with the child’s name and different postal addresses.


How do I order more than one subscription service?

Please send us an email with the names of the children and their separate postal addresses. Once all payments has been made the books will be sent out immediately.

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