As grandparents the privilege or reward of having taken care of your family is having the time to spend with your grandchildren.

It offers us all a wonderful opportunity to get to know this new, young person and create a special bond with them.

If you are a busy grandparent, it is important that you have a tools tucked into your toolkit to help you share the world around you with your grandchild.

Today we are going to look at one of the five senses – sight.

Explore the world using sight with your grandchildren
Explore the world using sight

See with your eyes

We are often not aware of how we use these five senses all day. Some override others in most situations.

Often we take our sense of sight for granted, but it is worth helping your grandchild to be more observant.

Point out differences you see around you

Look at trees, for example, which branches are moving and which are not? How do the different leaves move?

Does a cat walk like a dog? How do birds walk? Some hop while others take long strides.

Look at a brick wall. Are the bricks all the same color? Are they straight or is there one that is a little bit crooked?

Asking open-ended questions helps create a curious mind. It also helps build your grandchild’s vocabulary.

Most importantly, it helps you spend quality time with your grandchild, which they are more than likely not to forget.

Explore the world using sight with your grandchildren
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