In today’s busy lifestyle it’s important that we teach our grandchildren to stop and spend time in reflection.

Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to achieve this, and best of all, it can be done at almost any age.

What is a journal?

Many years ago, girls used to keep personal diaries. Journals are pretty much the same thing. The name change is down to the fact we use diaries to keep track of our daily home, social and business arrangements.

A journal is a place where we can spend time reflecting on what we are feeling and what has happened.

It also gives your grandchild the opportunity to improve their handwriting – a skill many people are losing.

By shaping and crafting each word and constructing each sentence using a good old-fashioned pen on paper, your grandchild’s learning will be greatly improved.

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Encourage your grandchild to keep a journal

What goes into a journal?

What is written in a journal is a personal choice. In some regards, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s written down.

Popular topics might be a list of what happened on the day or a few paragraphs about a significant event.

Your grandchild could write about their feelings regarding a pet, a family member or an event, like Christmas or Easter. They could tell about their holiday or why they like staying home and watching television.

The journal itself can be an old note-book or a leather-bound treasure. It can be a collection of scrap papers or an old exercise book.

Most people write in their journal at the end of the day. This helps clear their thoughts and worries out of their head before they go to sleep.

It has often been said that writing in a journal helps you sleep better and you awake more refreshed in the morning. While, others write in the morning, focusing on their day ahead.

There is no doubt that keeping a journal will help your child become much better at writing English. They will learn to express themselves more clearly and it also acts to release stress and aid in concentration, too.

If you would like some tips about the therapeutic benefits of journal writing check out The Journaling Club.

Encourage your grandchild to keep a journal
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