With extensive research and understanding about how the brain works, scientists know more about the human brain than ever before.

This has allowed teachers and parents to come to a greater understanding about why some children do better in school than others.

Sometimes it is difficult for grandparents to understand what the different learning issues are and, more importantly, how they affect their grandchild’s progress.

Dyslexia and Learning Problems

Dyslexia is a common condition that affects a child’s ability to process visual and auditory information. This can have an impact on their ability to read and write, and to remember phone numbers or names.

A child suffering from dyslexia acts normally. It is like a hidden condition that may not show itself until the child is in the second or third grade.

A brain suffering from dyslexia may reverse the information it sees. This is not an issue with how the eyes work, however.

A child with dyslexia might mix up ‘p’ and ‘q’ or ‘6’ and ‘9’ for example.

Children may have trouble spelling and learning to read at the same rate as other children. They will find writing the words down and sounding them out extremely confusing.

Dyslexia may be affecting your grandchild’s schooling
Dyslexia may be affecting your grandchild’s schooling

What is going on with Dyslexia?

The problem lies in the brain’s ability to process language.

It is detected through a series of tests that look at memory, spelling, vision and reading skills.

It has nothing to do with vision or hearing problems, as mentioned earlier.

In another form of dyslexia the word may be read correctly, but the child finds it difficult to remember its meaning. This may mean the child has to re-read the word a few times. This can extend to difficulties in being able to speak and write.

Regardless of these setbacks, children with dyslexia are not unintelligent. Dyslexia is the most common form of learning difficulty.

If you are concerned please consult your grandchild’s parents and teacher.

Information for this post came from Healthy Children.

Dyslexia may be affecting your grandchild’s schooling
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