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Astro’s Adventures: Waking The Dragon

Dragons, dogs and one big adventure for Astro and the Gang

When the evil genius alley cat, Speed Bump Charlie, and his faithful sidekick, Furball, decide they are going to steal the dragon’s egg.

Anything as rare as a dragon’s egg has to be worth a lot of money, right?

So, these fiendish felines try to steal it and hold it for ransom.

However, they get a little more than they bargain for.

Before they get their sticky paws on it, Astro and the gang are asked to look after the egg by the Chinese community of Bendigo who know something is wrong

They are worried that the rare and precious egg will fall into the wrong hands.

The Egg Hatches

Without warning and even before Astro and the other dogs are ready, the egg hatches and chaos is unleashed!

If you’ve ever looked after a baby dragon you’ll know it is day fraught with disaster after disaster.

Dragons are smart, inquisitive creatures with a propensity to set things on fire.

Who would have thought a tiny, baby dragon could cause so much trouble?

Who would have thought something so small and cute could be destroy so much!

Astro's Adventures Book Club
Astro ready to rescue

Off to China!

Once the Chinese authorities realize that the egg has hatched, they order the dogs to take him to China. He’s a special gift, you see for the Imperial Princess.

Well, as you can imagine getting six dogs and a baby dragon on a plane is no easy feat, but thanks to our heroes’ canine contacts they smuggle aboard in the hold.

Unbeknown to them, the two wicked cats are hot on their trail and manage to sneak aboard too!

Delivering a Dragon

Getting the dragon to the Imperial Palace isn’t too difficult, but making sure he doesn’t set anything or anybody on fire is another thing entirely!

To make matters worse, Speed Bump Charlie gets assistance from his Chinese counterparts, and hundreds of cats quickly surround the dogs.

Things aren’t looking good for the dogs, that’s for sure.

How can six dogs defend themselves against all those fangs and claws?!

As it happens their arrival at the Palace gates hasn’t gone unnoticed, and with a little help from the baby dragon a troupe of Chinese lions and a real life Chinese dragon come to the rescue.

This delightfully, funny story will certainly keep any reader engaged page after page.

Waking the Dragon is the 10th book in the Astro’s Adventures series, and can be read as part of the set or on its own.

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Dragons, dogs and one big adventure for Astro and the Gang
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