After the Moon is destroyed in Neptune’s Trident, Astro and the gang are sent into space to replace the Moon.

Meanwhile back on Earth the most wicked cat of all, Speed Bump Charlie, invents tennis balls that bounce and whistle to lure all other dogs to the doom!

What dog can resist a bouncing tennis ball or that special ‘Come here, Rover!’ whistle that so many owners use?

Once they start following the balls, they are lured into a giant bone never to be heard of again.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
Dogs In Space: Astro’s Adventures

A new evil genius?

In Dogs in Space, Speed Bump Charlie is joined by a smaller version of himself.

He christens this annoying, scrawny kitten Furball, and although he can’t stand her she does come in handy.

She learns to solder, trick her way into a café’s kitchen to get food and hitch a ride on an interstate truck, and more.

Dogs In Space: Astro's Adventures
Dogs In Space

Things in space rarely go smoothly

While all this is happening here, the dogs are facing problems of their own.

Not only is Alfie eating all the food they have, he upsets the steering and their spaceship is plummeting pilotless towards the burning sun.

You’ll never guess how he is made to save the day. Let us just say that space gets pretty smelly afterwards.

If your child loves space and their pet dog, they are going to adore Astro’s Adventure, Dogs in Space.


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Dogs replace the Moon?! What could go wrong?
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