When we become curious about something our concentration levels reach dizzying heights. We become excited about it, and tend to give it our full attention.

This leads to greater success in all manner of fields.

Interestingly, when our grandchildren learn to develop their curiosity they are ensuring that they will do well at school, and later on, in their careers.

According to Greater Good Berkeley Edu there are six surprising benefits of curiosity and one of the most interesting benefits is the highly level of success curious people achieve.

Does curiosity boosts achievements and success in our grandchildren
Does curiosity boosts achievements and success in our grandchildren

How does curiosity help boost a child’s achievements?

It seems that curious children are risk takers. They are the sorts of children who will see how far the ball will roll down the hill or how high they can throw the Frisbee. They are not just interested in throwing the ball or the Frisbee, but will set other perimeters around the activity.

Taking risks is fraught with the possibilities of danger, but it is also leads to an interesting level of experimentation.

I watched my six-year old grandson move his little sister’s drinking bottle to the edge of the table. He watched how the milk rolled around inside the bottle each time he moved it closer to the edge. His brow furrowed and he bit his lip as the noticed the bottle teetering out of balance.

He got into trouble from his parents for nearly spilling the bottle, but it was evident there was more going on than him simply wanting to cause a minor disaster.

Let’s face it, if he had wanted to he would have just simply knocked the bottle off, and walked away.

Can we help our grandchildren to be happier?
Can we help our grandchildren to be happier?

The link between curiosity and success

Perhaps the link between being curious and being success is failing or not succeeding.

Taking risks and doing experiments are as much as seeing how things don’t work as they are about seeing how something does work.

Let’s consider the child who throws the Frisbee into a tree to see if they can lodge it in the branches.

Success would come when they realize they need to throw it closer to the trunk where the branches are thicker, and there’s more chance the Frisbee will land.

Constant failures mixed with a strong curiosity drive will ensure success, and eventual achievement in any field.

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Does curiosity boosts achievements and success in our grandchildren
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