Who remembers something called the ‘Generation Gap’?

It was a term bandied around a lot to explain why parents and grandparents didn’t understand their children.

As Baby Boomers get older they have more time and energy to spend on their grandchildren.

This is a wonderful situation to be in.

Be interested in what interests them

By the time your grandchild has got to 10 years of age, you should have a good idea about what they like and what they don’t like doing.

You don’t have to play video games with them or coach their soccer match, but if you learn enough about what interests them you’ll be able to ask questions that show how interested you really are.

With a little bit of digging, a happy grandparent has never regretted taking more than a passing interest in their grandchild’s activities.

Each time you see your grandchild you can ask them in depth questions which will show them how much you care.

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What if you are not interested in the same things?

Chances are you are not going to be the least bit interested in many of the things your grandkids love.

That’s okay.

However, you are interested in their well-being, their health and their future.

To ensure that they become the best they can, it’s important that you take an interest in the smaller aspects of their lives.

These hobbies or interests are helping to hone other skills they will be able to use later on in life.

Regardless of what they are, taking a real interest in your grandchild’s life is a great way to show them how much you care and how important they are to you.

It will help you connect with them and build great memories. It will also make you happy, too.

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Does caring about your grandkids mean taking in an interest in the things they love?
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