While we want the very best for our grandchildren, we also want them to grow into well-rounded, fulfilled people.

However, have you ever thought if your grandchildren care about whether they are good, moral people?

Does Your Grandchild Want to be Good?

Well, it probably goes without saying that all children want to be good.

From a very young age a child learns that if he or she doesn’t behave in an acceptable manner they will be denied privileges and punished in some way.

Therefore, most children want to be good, they just seem to forget about it when their own desires are pushed forward.

However, if you are interested in raising emotionally intelligent grandchildren you might want to consider if your grandchildren’s desire to be good is based on not getting into trouble or on a greater purpose.

Do Your Grandchildren Care about Being Good People?
Do Your Grandchildren Care about Being Good People?

Raising Ethical, Caring Grandkids

Raising grandchildren who genuinely care if they are being good is important for their well-being.

Doing the right thing in any circumstance is often difficult, and contradicts a desire to stay out of trouble, but it is essential for developing a deeper level of self-awareness.

Children who are emotionally intelligent want to be good for more powerful reasons. They have a high regard for others. They care about their local community, the environment and other issues which affect their lives, and also the lives of others.

It’s an interesting topic, but one you might want to discuss with your grandchildren.

Do Your Grandchildren Care about Being Good People?
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