Many of us do this without even knowing.

We allow our grandsons to take risks and to get dirty. We encourage them to be whatever they want to be.

We expect them to be strong and independent.

But, are we being fair?

Boys need time to find themselves

Some young men feel pressured to get a job, establish themselves in a career and support their families. Many do a great job, but while we are encouraging our granddaughters do explore all kinds of career paths, we need to ensure that our grandsons are not being put under too much pressure.

We need to give them time to find themselves, and explore a variety of lifestyle choices.

Do you treat your grandsons differently than your granddaughters?
Do you treat your grandsons differently than your granddaughters?

House-husbands and stay-at-home dads

Some men are choosing to stay at home and look after the household chores, and the children rather than go to work. And, they do a great job.

Let’s face it, you don’t need to be a woman to push a vacuum or change a nappy.

Some men who have decided to do this will tell you that it is because their wife can earn more money, and this might be true, but it would be shame if this was their overriding motivation.

Men make great housekeepers and can look after children just as well as their wives. They shouldn’t have to use money to justify it.

Encouraging boys to be men

Boys should be encouraged to make choices about their lives which are best for them and their families, and this may mean staying at home.

They should be allowed to explore and engage with their nurturing and caring nature without feeling pressured or told they need to be more.

Let’s help our grandsons be the best they can be by not restricting them, but instead allowing them to grow into strong, independent men who love and care for their families.

Do you treat your grandsons differently than your granddaughters?
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