Did you know that curious children are more intelligent, happier and have better psychological, emotional, social, and even physical health than others who are less curious?

According to Greater Good Berkeley Edu there are six surprising benefits of curiosity.

Why do new things fill our grandchildren with joy?

When a child encounters new and interesting things they become excited and happier.

This is because the feel-good hormone, dopamine, is release from their brains.

It’s also the reason why they (and, us to a degree) get so excited when they receive new toys regardless of how many toys they already own.

Just as an aside, we share this same reaction to new things as dogs.

Curiosity makes our grandchildren happier
Curiosity makes our grandchildren happier

What role does curiosity play?

When a child is more curious they will explore unknown things and places.

They may pull a radio apart to see how it works. They try to build a cubby house with cardboard boxes.

They may see how far it takes them to run to the end of the road and back.

When these experiences are new they make children happy.

“I’m bored!”

Doing the same old thing is boring. It makes children restless and unhappy.

Most of the things we did as kids made us happy, and we discovered this by being curious about them.

Being curious helps our grandchildren to gain a level of satisfaction and confidence.

Research has shown that curious children and adults are happier.

Curiosity makes our grandchildren happier
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