How many times have you said, “Curiosity killed the cat” in front of your grandchildren only to be met with vacant stares!

When we use the term we are not being mean to cats. Rather we mean that in certain circumstances one should be careful about being too curious.

If someone is too nosy about something that is not their business, it could land them into trouble.

Children are naturally curious beings, which is a wonderful thing. They can get into difficulties, however, when their curiosity has them climbing up ladders or opening cupboards they shouldn’t be in.

In fact, my grandchildren seem to be a magnet when it comes to finding things which could cause them harm!

Curiosity killed the cat
Furball exploring the world.

The curious cat

In this picture is my own cat, Furball. It was taken when she was a kitten. She was so curious she would try to ‘help’ with the cooking and other dangerous things.

I once found her in the washing machine! It was a good job I glanced inside before I turned it on. She’s also been discovered in boxes in cupboards, in the shower recess, and more!

While we take very good care of her (she’s a completely indoors cat) I often wonder what would happen if we lived in the city and she was allowed to roam around.

Did you know that the Chinese use the same saying? In China called this is called 好奇害死猫 (hàoqí hài sǐ māo), meaning, “Curiosity killed the cat”.

Curiosity killed the cat
Furball helping in the kitchen.

A video to share

I’m sure your grandchildren will enjoy Simon’s cat getting himself into trouble yet again!

Curiosity killed the cat
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