As grandparents we seem to miss our grandchildren a lot.

It’s not that we don’t love our own children, far from it, but there is a special bond that exists between us and our grandchildren.

And today, with more blended families there is a likelihood we are going to gain step grandchildren too.

That empty feeling

Why do we suffer that empty feeling when we say goodbye to our grandchildren?

It’s not like they aren’t cared for well.

I often wonder if that feeling of loneliness or alone-ness comes from a fear of being disconnected with them.

Does this fear come from being one generation removed or is it because we care so much?

How do you cope with that feeling of emptiness?

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Creating memories

Everyone is busier than ever before.

As grandparents, we are extremely busy even those of us who are in retirement.

You know how busy your children are, and your grandchildren’s lives are full of so many things to do and places to see!

Whether you are lucky enough to see your grandchildren every day or each week or less, it’s important to create memories that you both can keep with you.

Sure, you can buy them all the toys in the world, but the time you spend with them and the memories you create are going to stay with you both for a lifetime.

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Memories last a lifetime.

What can you do to create meaningful moments?

The truth is that the simple things most often have the greatest impact on the memories of young lives.

So, why not plan a meal you and your grandchildren can create together.

You could create a garden together.

If they are a bit older they could help in the shed or garage.

When you are doing things together you are also making time to talk and share.

I know my grandson goes home from staying on our property with a hundred stories he can share and a hundred memories he will keep.

The things we do together don’t cost anything except a little bit of time, and yes, some patience too.

But, they are well worth it.

Creating memories that last a lifetime with your grandchildren
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