2017 Author Advent Calendar
Author Advent Calendar

Children’s Authors Advent Calendar

Welcome to our Children’s Authors Advent Calendar for 2017. This is where we showcase some of the best children’s books available. 

When thinking about purchasing gifts for your grandchildren, books are one of the best presents you can buy.

Why? Books last a lifetime, don’t run out of batteries and you can create some very special memories sharing and re-sharing books throughout the year.

So, read on and find out more about today’s fabulous author.

And don’t forget to check all of our wonderful authors and support their fantastic work! There will be a new author each day.

Clarence the Snake from Dunolly by Susan Day
Clarence the Snake from Dunolly by Susan Day

Clarence the Snake from Dunolly by Susan Day

Here is a fine collection of short stories about a little snake called Clarence.

The character of Clarence came about after the author found a six foot Eastern Brown Snake in her veggie patch. Having only lived in the township of Dunolly a short while, and wanting to avoid another such encounter, she decided to seek advice from the locals.

One person said snakes were deaf. Another said they would hear you coming and would run away. But how can they be deaf and hear you coming? After a short investigation on Google and half an hour spent with Sir David Attenborough, the author discovered that snakes hear vibrations through a special bone in their jaws.

This got her thinking…
What if a baby snake thought he was deaf?
What would he do?
How would he cope?

And thus, the character of Clarence the little snake was hatched.

Come along and join Clarence on his first eight adventures. Capturing the spirit and character of the small rural town of Dunolly, these delightful tales will entertain and captivate readers from 8 to 80 (and perhaps a bit older).

You may even come to feel some type of small affection for Clarence’s kind.


Clarence. The Snake from Dunolly (Kindle Edition)

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Clarence the Snake from Dunolly by Susan Day

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