Children's Author Guest SpotHello children’s authors!

Astro’s Adventures Book Club wants to share your book with its followers.

Our website is dedicated to providing grandparents with tips and advice to help them build a more meaningful relationship with their grandchildren. We believe one of the best ways to do this is through sharing our love and passion for quality children’s books.

We want to support you, independent children’s authors, to share the valuable contribution you are making to children’s literacy. There are no strings attached.  This is a free service.

We are looking for a wide range of children’s books that cover the age range 0 – 14 years.

Books can be on any subjects, and written in a wide range of styles.

While we require you to submit one book at a time, you are more than welcome to re-submit more titles at a later date. In fact, we encourage authors with a series of books to continue to send their books to us.

What do you need to do?

We need a 250-word original article about your book and the Amazon ‘buy’ links. This way the content will be new, and be picked up quicker by search engines.

You are also welcome to include your social media links along with your article.

We may use images from your website and the book cover from Amazon if that’s okay with you. That way there is no need for you to send images, just the 250-word article. You are also more than welcome to include all your social network platforms, and we’ll share those too.

If you would like to reach a wider audience for your book, please complete the form below.


Astro's Adventures Book Club
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