Things at Grandpa and Grandma’s lodge have been great – that is – as far as the birds and smaller creatures in the undergrowth are concerned.  They don’t let a moment pass them by to do something really exciting at the brand-new pond, which has two parts – a small part and bigger part.

Child Monkey and Wisdom by Maretha BothaGrandpa says, ’All the birds and critters now have a choice – a big pond or a small one.’

Even the lodge cat has been around, drinking water from the smaller pond.


Child Monkey and Wisdom by Maretha BothaUnfortunately, neither ponds have a special fountain, because Child Monkey has not been seen for a few days and no one else wants to stand stock-still in the water.

Wisdom, the spotted eagle-owl has also not been around.  Do you remember that he has gone looking for Child Monkey after he almost scared him stiff?

Child Monkey and Wisdom by Maretha Botha – Part 1
Wisdom the Spotted Eagle Owl

Meanwhile, Wisdom has lost sleep looking for Child Monkey.

You see, he feels responsible because perhaps he has given him too much of a “bad experience” after the honey jar spectacle at the Lodge Kitchen.

On the fourth day of Wisdom’s search, he flies along the railway line and spots Child Monkey swinging from tree to tree.

Wisdom grunt-hoots a few times until Child Monkey spots him and immediately trembles behind a branch and gibbers non-stop.

Child Monkey and Wisdom by Maretha Botha – Part 1
Please Don’t Be Angry!

‘Please don’t be angry, Wisdom! I want to go home again, but I’m not sure how to get there and I’m not sure my troop still wants me and I think destroying the honey jars is not quite “monkey business” and that is why you scared me stiff and I won’t do anything bad again, I promise!’

Child Monkey and Wisdom by Maretha Botha

Wisdom nods his head. ‘I believe you. Now, it’s getting dark, so if you want to get home by midnight, you must follow that star over there.  Can you see how bright it shines against the western horizon between those two large peaks? It is called the Evening Star. Just make sure that it is always straight ahead of you, should you ever get lost again, but for now, just follow me,’ and then he takes off.

Child Monkey and Wisdom by Maretha Botha


Child Monkey screams the loudest scream he has ever made, but it is too late, because Wisdom has flown into the side of a dark cattle wagon train as it speeds by, rattling in the wind. He falls to the side and just lies there, stunned.

For a moment, he does not know where he is and tries to scamper away from Child Monkey, who is crying big tears next to him.

Child Monkey and Wisdom by Maretha Botha – Part 1

‘I’m sorry Wisdom. This is all my fault.  If I listened to my mother and to you, you would not be lying here, almost a goner!’

Poor Wisdom can hardly make a sound and when he tries to lift his wings, he groans and passes out. He wakes up when the first rays of the morning sun shines in his eyes. He looks around, but cannot see Child Monkey anywhere.

‘Oh, no! Where is he and what “monkey business” has he been doing now?’ He thought, but as he looks around and his thoughts become clearer, he remembers everything about his unfortunate accident with the train.

The strange thing is that he is no longer lying on the ground, but is high up in a tree, on top of an old weavers’ nest.

Child Monkey and Wisdom by Maretha Botha – Part 1

Could Child Monkey have put him there?  He shakes his head in amazement.  What a brave monkey! But where has he gone? Wisdom wonders, glad that he is no longer lying helpless next to the railway track.

Find out next time if Child Monkey gets back to his troop to let them know about poor Wisdom, the spotted-eagle owl’s plight, or does he let some “monkey business” side-track him.

Child Monkey and Wisdom by Maretha Botha – Part 1
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