Chat About Cards help Build Your Grandchild’s Vocabulary

Having a rich and diverse vocabulary is an essential ingredient all children need to gain the skills needed to master reading and writing.

Did you know that pre-school children should have a vocabulary of 3,000 to 4,000 words?

In fact, any less and the child may never require the necessary techniques to learn to read or write well enough to get a good job.

Talking to your grandchildren in a meaningful way is a great way to build their vocabulary.

It is important not to ask them questions where the answer is yes or no.

Instead, ask questions which require a broader, more complex explanation.

As grandparents we should be asking enquiring questions that lead to more complicated answers.

Free Education Resources to Share with Your Grandchildren
Chat About Cards

Chat About Cards

From Astro’s Adventures you can now download for free Chat About Cards.

These cards were created to get children talking.

On each one has a question that requires your grandchild to think, look and answer.

For example, one card says, “Name three things which are bigger than… a car, a nail, a mouse.”

Another card says, “What are 4 adverbs you could use for the word, ‘bath’?”

It’s Never Too Late to Start Building Vocabulary

Chat About Cards were created for a wide age group.

While it is important that we begin building our grandchildren’s vocabulary early, it’s never too late.

If we combine reading and writing with the use of these cards the results will be amazing.

Check out Chat About Cards here.


Chat About Cards help Build Your Grandchild’s Vocabulary
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