Today we are lucky enough to share the talented Amy Winfield’s wonderful story, Cautious Fred. It is a great story about the dangers many children face while they are on their own. It gives children great suggestions and ideas about how they can handle these types of situations.

Cautious Fred is a Kickstarter campaign, and if you use our special code (see below) you’ll get some amazing upgrades. But, these are for Astro’s Club supporters only, and they are only for a very limited time so don’t delay!

Cautious Fred is a rhyming story of a little green frog walking home from school through an eerie bog. Freddy runs into several different situations, all with very different characters – some are beautiful, some are friendly; some look like they are hurt and need help. Throughout the story, Freddy follows his intuition and acts wisely, teaching kids to do the same.

Cautious Fred by Amy Winfield
Cautious Fred by Amy Winfield

The story is designed to teach elementary-aged children how to be aware of their surroundings. Cautious Fred shows kids not only how to be aware of suspicious people, but more importantly empowers children with the knowledge of what to do in such situations.

Amy Winfield, the author has a Kickstarter project that you can help fund the printing and distribution of this beautiful 42 page, hardcover book.  The book is colorful, fun and gives parents a tool to teach children in a safe, non-scary, easy to read story. There are several Kickstarter reward levels and Amy is now offering a free reward upgrade for all Astro’s book club readers.

Cautious Fred by Amy Winfield
Cautious Fred by Amy Winfield

Don’t miss out!

Here’s the deal – purchase at the $25 reward level, she will upgrade your purchase to $35 reward, which is a signed copy of the book; this upgrade will apply for every level backed up to the $75 reward level – which means you can get 3 books for $75, which is normally a $120 reward. For the highest reward level of $350 (10 books), she is offering a 20% discount.  Note: Kickstarter only allows you to select one reward level.

US supporters, take note!

Also, for U.S. Supporters Only, she is offering an early bird special for a book that is normally $20; she is now offering the book for $14, which will include shipping.  U.S. Supporters just need to select “Pledge Without A Reward” level, add $14 for the reward.

Whether you choose to upgrade your reward or take the early bird special, make sure to add “Astrobooks” to your user name so she knows to give you the special reward upgrade.

The Kickstarter project expires soon, so visit Cautious Fred today at:

Cautious Fred by Amy Winfield
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