Many people believe that for a child to learn how to read properly, they must be reading a book.

This is not the case.

Audio books are a great tool that can help your grandchild learn to read in several ways.

They are particularly great value, if your grandchild finds reading difficult and stumbles over words, audio books can provide them with these 3 great skills.

Text accuracy

A well-produced audio book, is created by professional voice actors. This means they will pronounce the words correctly and with great fluency.

This allows your grandchild to hear how a book should sound. It is a wonderful benchmark for them to learn for their own practice.

Can audio books help your grandchildren to learn to read?
Can audio books help your grandchildren to learn to read?

Smooth reading

Can you imagine watching a movie, but only seeing one minute out of ten minutes? The information and flow would be stilted and difficult to follow.

This is what it is like for many children who find it difficult to read. They spend so long sounding out words, and creating meaning they lose the flow of what is really going on.

Audio books offer a smooth, uninterrupted flow that allows the listener to learn and engage with the story itself.

Good expression

A good story teller uses voices, tones and expressions to add more meaning into the story.

Can you imagine the story of the Three Little Pigs without the gruff voice of the wolf? How boring would it be if the just mention in a quiet voice that he would huff and he would puff the houses down!

Audio books add so much more too any story.

Add them to your Reader, and share them with your grandchildren. They’ll certainly fall in love with them and gain more skills when to comes to learning to read.

How can audio books help your grandchild learn to read?
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