Beyond the Hidden Sky by Marcha Fox

If you’ve got older teen-grandchildren who loves to read, and loves science, he or she are going to love Marcha Fox’s great books.

Today Marcha has dropped by to share with us The Star Trails Tetralogy.

Beyond the Hidden Sky by Marcha Fox
Beyond the Hidden Sky by Marcha Fox

This is the first volume of The Star Trails Tetralogy, a YA family saga in the hard science fiction/space opera genre.

The other three books are complete with the entire series available singly or as an ebook box set. The books are also available in print.

Written by a physicist who worked for NASA for over 20 years and cringes when sci-fi violates the laws of physics, these stories contain accurate science with plausible extrapolations.

Science, engineering, and other technical information are packaged in the context of the story such that readers learn something along the way, perhaps even stimulating an interest in pursuing a technical career, as the author was in her youth.

A companion volume to the series entitled “The Star Trails Compendium” is available which contains a glossary and background information pertaining to the stories and their setting.

It includes a special section for parents and educator with discussion and lesson plan ideas based on the principles and precepts included in the stories. This first volume begins with the Brightstar family moving from one planet to another, motivating by the father being targeted by hostile political forces.

Before arriving at their destination, their teenage daughter, Creena, winds up being jettisoned in an escape pod. Her father and brother attempt to find her in vain, the family not only effectively separated for a long time to come, but encountering more and more difficulties along the way. Each volume stands alone, but is intended to be read in order.

Beyond the Hidden Sky by Marcha Fox
Marcha Fox

About the Author

Marcha Fox is a prolific writer who has addressed a wide variety of subjects, but her favorite is science fiction. It began as a love of astronomy, which eventually led to a bachelor of science degree in physics from Utah State University. This was followed by a 21 year career at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas where she held a variety of positions including technical writer, engineer, and eventually manager.

Her NASA experiences included trips to Cape Canaveral in Florida, visiting other NASA centers in Mississippi, Alabama and Maryland, as well as trips to the European Space Agency in The Netherlands, but the most memorable was the sad task of helping to recover space shuttle debris in East Texas following the tragic Columbia accident in 2003.

Her Star Trails Tetralogy Series incorporates her knowledge of physics and space travel within a family saga set on a primitive planet where survival is an ongoing struggle, which is further complicated by political intrigue.

While some of the science is speculative, her goal is to represent it as accurately as possible, allowing her readers to learn accurate principles in a painless, entertaining manner within the context of the story. More information on the individual novels in this series, the science behind them, as well as the status of future stories can be found on the series website at

Beyond the Hidden Sky (Star Trails Tetralogy Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

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Beyond the Hidden Sky by Marcha Fox

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